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Why this amazing southern US state is experiencing record tourism


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When you think of the best vacation in the US, one might think of picturesque beaches on both coasts, exploring the concrete jungle of New York City, or just packing for an all-American road trip.

One thing is for sure, and Arkansas doesn’t come to mind for most, but the Natural state it has been experiencing record tourism since 2021.

kayaker in arkansas

Bordered by Texas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Louisiana, and Mississippi, this southern state may surprise you with its many attractions.

Anyone looking for something different from the typical beach getaway should give Arkansas a try, as it’s much more than a « passing through state » to a better place.

Charming Small Towns

Little Rock is the capital and largest city of the state of Arkansas, located along the Arkansas River.

As you cross the Arkansas River Bridge into the picturesque cityscape of a handful of skyscrapers, you won’t be overwhelmed by its magnitude and can immediately tell that even the largest city has a welcoming atmosphere.

historic buildings in eureka springs

As many large capital cities go, you’ll find what you need here, but the real draw is Arkansas’ smaller towns spread throughout the state.

The small towns of Mountain View, Hot Springs and Eureka Springs were recently voted 3 of the best small towns in the south by Southern Life Magazine.

Another city to consider is Lakeview, home to fewer than 800 residents as of the 2021 census. What they lack in size, they make up for in stunning scenery as a true outdoor paradise.

Much less crowds than other popular destinations

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mounting magazine in arkansas

While many Americans flock to the beach for a getaway, the crowds can be overwhelming and defeat the purpose of a beach vacation: to relax!

Coming to a state like Arkansas with wide open spaces and natural wonders to align with the Natural state motto is the perfect solution to avoid excess tourism.

Visitors find the green hills, lush forests and other natural attractions just as pleasurable as a sunny beach vacation.

However, for those who are determined to have a beach getaway, Arkansas has them. It’s just not up to, say, Florida or California standards as they are on the lake.

Lake Ouachita Arkansas

Some are more crowded than others, and it depends on the season in which you visit.

the ozarks

One of the most important television programs of recent years is ozarkset in the forests of the Ozarks « with more coastline than California, » as mentioned on the show.

This region of the country is shared primarily between Arkansas and Missouri, but a handful of others also lay claim to the Ozarks.

With lakes that seem to go on forever, this is a perfect way to spend the summer with much more space to enjoy your surroundings than other crowded alternatives.

boat on a lake in the ozark

Whether swimming, lounging, or boating, the Ozarks are a great escape to enjoy the beautiful rolling greens and outdoor activities that Arkansas has to offer.

southern hospitality

According to a recent report on Arkansas’ booming tourism numbers, many visitors spend money on outdoor activities, entertainment, and most importantly, food.

As social media continues to take over our lives, most people’s algorithms are full of tempting food videos. Arkansas offers a unique take on food as it is truly the home of southern hospitality.

dinner in arkansas

Many small towns offer old-school dining menus with a variety of comfort foods to enjoy. Whereas Little Rock offers many restaurants with a more expensive take on classic Southern dishes, like fried chicken and waffles, for example.

Travelers will not leave this state with an empty stomach!

natural springs

Arkansas is home to many natural springs to spend the day. The small town of Hot Springs lives up to its name with warm water to enjoy at a spa, multiple bathhouses to choose from, and even resorts.

tourist in blanchard springs

Another great option is Eureka Springs, located further north in the Ozarks, where the waters flow throughout the city, including a popular park: Basin Spring Park.

Blanchard Springs will leave you in awe with its picturesque waterfall to enjoy. Visitors can stroll through the great outdoors along its manicured path and take a dip in the clear well nearby.

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