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Why this cheap and quirky European capital is ideal for digital nomads


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Digital nomads are discovering the benefits of working from countries all over the world, logging in from remote beaches, big cities, and everywhere in between.

There is no denying that today’s over 35 million digital nomads have profoundly changed the travel industry, one impact being the increased popularity of places that were previously largely unknown to travelers.

Blooming violet flowers on the bank of the Vardar river.  Exciting spring cityscape of the capital of North Macedonia - copy of Skopje

One region that has seen massive growth with tourism and digital nomads recently is the Balkans, with countries like Albania especially in the spotlight. Serbia, Montenegro, and Bulgaria are growing in popularity among remote workers, and for good reason.

A lesser known country that is experiencing a huge increase in digital nomads is the landlocked Balkan country of North Macedonia. A country with a unique and often disputed past, North Macedonia (formerly called Macedonia) is a neighbor to Kosovo, Greece, Albania, Serbia and Bulgaria, most of which are also becoming hotspots in their own right.

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The small and unassuming country of North Macedonia is one of the least visited countries in Europe and while it is enjoying a bit of the post-pandemic boom in tourism and digital nomads, it still lags far behind other European countries.

The country has been drawing attention from the digital nomad community for a while now, with more and more remote workers coming to explore the many highlights of the country.

Many flock to the beautiful Lake Ohrid, located in the south of the country, but one area that doesn’t seem to get a lot of press is the capital city of Skopje.

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Attractive spring cityscape of Skopje - capital of North Macedonia, Europe.  Skopje fortress stone wall

Here’s why Skopje is great for digital nomads:


Let’s get one thing out of the way right now, people love, hate, love to hate or hate to love the city of Skopje. Some find the endless amount of statues and fake facades straight out of Epcot off-putting, but many others love the city for what it is, a quirky and friendly off-the-beaten-path place to explore everyday Balkan life.

One thing that everyone agrees on is that Skopje is cheap. In fact, the whole country is. as one of the cheapest countries In Europe for digital nomads, North Macedonia is ideal for remote workers looking to save money.

Accommodation in Skopje ranges from high-end apartments with mountain views to brutalist apartment blocks of drab, squat buildings, and prices vary, too. On average, you can find accommodation here much cheaper than anywhere else in Europe.

Housing isn’t the only area where you can save money here. Food in restaurants and supermarkets is also cheap, and if you visit the local markets, you can save even more money. Being a small city, you can reach most of Skopje on foot, but if you need to take taxis or buses, they are also very cheap.

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Safe and Friendly

As the birthplace of Mother Teresa (don’t miss a visit to her home in the center of the city), it’s not hard to assume that Skopje is a safe and welcoming place. Filled with friendly locals who are usually very happy to see foreigners enjoying their country, Skopje ranks high for safety compared to other European cities.

Women are welcome here, and solo travelers shouldn’t feel nervous, even after dark. Of course, normal precautions apply, and there are areas to avoid, but you’ll know them when you feel at home here.

Statue of Alexander the Great in a central square in Skopje, North Macedonia, Balkan Peninsula, South East Europe

Good infrastructure and connectivity

North Macedonia does not yet have a digital nomad visa, but there has been talk of one being launched later this year. At this time, residents of many countries (including the US and UK) can stay for up to three months at a time without the need for a special visa.

Skopje is connected to many other cities in the region by buses, and the airport is also well served by low-cost carriers. In terms of internet, Skopje ranks high for Wi-Fi speeds, and SIM cards are cheap and easy to use, allowing you to stay connected with no hassle.

Co-working spaces and remote-worker-friendly cafes abound here, too, perfect for making friends or just a change of scenery when you’re sick of working from your apartment.

bridge with statues in skopje north macedonia

get out of town

Being landlocked, Skopje is not a place for beach lovers, but there are plenty of other options to get out of the city and explore. Taking a day trip (or preferably longer) to neighboring Kosovo is a great way to get to know this fascinating country. See the capital of Pristina and don’t miss charming Prizren as well.

A popular and fun way to spend a day without venturing too far from Skopje is the beautiful Matka Canyon, which is a great place to come and cool off when summer gets too hot in the city.

Mavrovo National Park, Tetovo, Kuklica and the Old Kokino Observatory are great places to escape the city and see another side of the country as well.

Of course, you can always take a little more time and venture all the way to Ohrid. As the oldest and one of the deepest lakes in Europe, Lake Ohrid is simply beautiful and not to be missed.

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