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Why this dreamy European region is a great destination for solo female travelers


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The European region of Scandinavia is an ideal destination for solo female travelers for many reasons.

The countries of Norway, Sweden and Denmark rank as some of the safest countries in the worldand besides safety, almost everyone speaks English, and navigating the transport is also easy in English.

Woman enjoying the panoramic view of the Nyhavn pier.  Colorful building facades with boats and yachts in the old town of Copenhagen, Denmark copy

The only drawback to traveling within this picturesque region is the high prices, but even that can be fixed by using the new low-cost airfare available directly from the US, not to mention all the low-cost airlines that service these cities all over Europe.

If you can choose to visit in the shoulder season, use the easy-to-use public transport and eat local street food, keeping the cost down in Scandinavia is not impossible.

Happy woman walking in Stockholm travel tourism architecture landmarks lifestyle summer vacations tour in Sweden

The capital cities of Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo are all so beautiful and different and really perfect as bases to explore. It’s also easy to move between them via cross-country trains (with some cool pit stops in between), making planning an itinerary around them a breeze.

Other good reasons the area is wonderful for female solo travelers (especially first-time travelers) include friendly locals and easy-to-find group tours.

In addition, there is usually very little language barrier, Wi-Fi almost everywhere, excellent transport within each country and connecting the region, not to mention the great respect Scandinavians have for health and safety.

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A street with old buildings in the city center of Lund, Sweden

Note: The term Scandinavia has many interpretations, some of which include Finland and others as far as Greenland and the Faroe Islands. The term « Nordic Region » is sometimes used interchangeably as well, and there is much more to see in Scandinavia than is included here.

This article covers the countries of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, as they are the three main countries that are commonly included when referring to Scandinavia.

Copenhagen Old Town, Nyhavn harbour, selective focus on a front bike.  Nyhavn is the most popular tourist attraction place in Copenhagen, Denmark

3 beautiful Scandinavian capital cities

While each country offers much more than its capital cities, further afield can easily be explored with excellent public transportation or even group tours if you’re interested.

A lot could be written about traveling through each country in Scandinavia as a solo female traveler, but let’s focus on a trip through the 3 capitals of the region, each offering a great way to soak up the culture and atmosphere of their respective countries. .

The capital cities of Oslo, Copenhagen and Stockholm offer a great way to immerse yourself in the Scandinavian lifestyle and see some beautiful sights in the process. You can split your trips between them by including other great places along the way, or just focus on the capitals; It all depends on your time and preference.

oslo from above at sunset norway

Oslo, Norway

Oslo may be the least postcard perfect of these three cities, but it makes up for it with its coolness. A walk on the roofs of the impressive Opera House, or watching (or joining) the locals in the riverside saunas, whatever the weather, is not to be missed.

The trendy area of ​​Grünerløkka is a great area to stay, and the small town is well connected by easy-to-use trams. If you’re flying in from the US, Oslo is likely to be your first stop if you use low-cost options like Norse Airways.

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Copenhagen, Denmark

If taking a photo in the famous and colorful port of Nyhavn isn’t an icon of Copenhagen, what is? In addition to the port, be sure to climb to the top of the Church of Our Savior, possibly with the best views of the city.

Stroll through Tivioli, one of the most historic amusement parks in the world, and don’t forget to eat the hot dogs from the street and some Smørrebrød washed down with a shot of schnapps. Remember to be aware of the millions of bicycles that cross the city at every step.

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Stockholm, Switzerland

It may come as a surprise that one of the most photogenic places in stunning Stockholm is underground. Many of the metro stations in this Swedish capital are more or less art exhibits in their own right and are simply not to be missed.

The metro itself is easy and painless, making spending an afternoon looking for these stations enjoyable. On the surface, the best place to go is Gamla Stan, and although it will be crowded, beauty can be found in every alleyway. Don’t forget to take the water taxis around the city too; everything included in your metro ticket.

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get out of town

Of course, there is much more to see in Norway, Sweden and Denmark than just the capitals. The good news is that the entire region is well connected via trains, buses and flights, which means that the solo traveler should have no problem getting out of the city.

While the list of places to visit is simply too extensive for one article, some highlights include heading north to see the Northern Lights. Tromsø is a good choice.

Norway also has the must-see Bergen, and the train ride from Oslo will take you through otherworldly beautiful scenery. If you do this trip, don’t forget to experience the famous Flåm Railway and also stop for a day cruise on the fjord.

woman looking at the fjord

In Sweden, the cities of Gothenburg and Malmö are attracting more attention from travelers recently and, of course, those looking to get out into nature cannot miss Swedish Lapland.

Denmark’s second city, Aarhus, is becoming another favorite, as is Aalborg, located in the Jutland region of northern Denmark.

Those with more time can visit the Skagen Coast, located in the far north of Denmark, with stunning landscapes and a unique cultural heritage.

Autumn in the archipelago south of Gothenburg

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